What game would you recommend for someone suffering from OSR/PbtA burnout?


“Roll20” doesn’t refer to a d20 mechanic, it’s an online platform for playing games. The site we used along with Google Hangouts in Cute Boys Holding Hands.


If you want some fun and crazy times: Fiasco.
If you want to try something hard: Jay Treat’s Strange Gravity.

Those games’ll change things around and quick.


I really wish Daniel hadn’t taken down the free artless version he used to have on DriveThru. :frowning:


I downloaded a copy when he had it, but I should buy the actual book sometime. It’s bizarre and I love it. I wish the initiative system was easier to emulate online, though…


The King is Dead is still one of my all time favorite games. Dialect as mentioned by the great @yoshi is another killer game.


@richardruane did a good job running the initiative for troika in rollforyour.party. He used colored tokens to represent each character and one for an end of round token then flipped them over to represent the draw. It wasn’t perfecr, shuffling was kind of annoying, but it worked ok.