What happened to Indie Hack?

I have been looking for RPGs that mixes OSR with story games. I remembered reading about Indie Hack once. When I try to find it on Drivethru RPG, it is not there anymore. Does anyone know what happened?

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Perhaps @the_scablander could shed some light one the subject… That said, the SRD at least still appears to be available: http://www.scablandspress.com/srd/


It looks like the publisher, Scablands Press, removed their works from DTRPG and itch.io. You can still buy the Indie Hack through IPR (and they have the SRD available like @shanel mentioned).


That’s weird they took it down. It’s neat little game with some cool ideas, a lot of which are imminently portable to other rpgs. (I even bought the hard copy…though I can never find it on my shelf because it’s so thin)

Do you think they’re working on a 2nd Edition or something?


The lack of DTRPG and itch.io sales pages is part of a long and complex tale involving visa statuses that I won’t bore you with. I would only take them down if I were essentially forced to.

At the moment, IPR is a great way to get a hold of the game! (Thanks, @Asher!)

As to a possible second edition, @Neurotrash, I can neither confirm nor deny such claims. What I can say is, TIH2 is not on the front burner for Scablands Press (there are… three? ish… other things closer to being ready).

(Sidenote: These blips of interest warm my heart!)


Thanks for the answers!
International shipping for IPR is quite expensive though. :frowning:
Keep up the good work, @the_scablander!

There’s a PDF available, @Aryl_Ether: