What is your favorite game from Codex (and why?)

I’d love to play more Games from Codex, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by the choice. So perhaps you fine folks can help me finding some nice games.

My favorite Codex game is ‘A Game of Love’ from Codex Love 2.
I just love this hack of ‘final girl’. It’s zero-prep, GM-less and plays nicely in an evening. Every game I played so far was so much fun and just plain hilarious. Sometimes I think I cried laughing. It just produces so many funny characters, hilarious scenes, twists and unforeseen endings.


From that same issue of Codex, …And Then They Met is great; perfect 2 player game for couples.

My absolute favorite (apart from Trophy) has to go to Storm Riders. It’s legit an ingenious game—perfectly captures that 80s action cartoon nostalgia. It’s just loaded with brilliant tech. The supplement (mostly written by me, haha) is also pretty good.


In which issue oft Codex can I find Storm Riders?

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Ooh, I know this one! Storm Riders is in Codex Joy 2!


Oh no, that was before I joined the Gauntlet. But there’s always DTRPG…

The expansion, Heroes of Alternia, is in Codex - Childhood.