What piece of media do you wish was an RPG?


Or The Demolished Ones for FATE.


I’ve been seriously considering running a “Hearts of wulin” game inspired by Into the Badlands. I think it would port really well.


I’d love to see “quantum leap” the roleplay game. Each session is your time travellers leaping into a new person and trying to put right that which went wrong.

you have your character sheets, you also get a supplemental character sheet for the character you jump into.


I highly recommend checking out Reset in Codex: Time. It’s basically this, but multiple players take turns playing sessions of the game for the same main character. After everyone finishes, you all compare notes to get the big picture.


I would like something in the True Detective vein … maybe with more supernatural / horror elements (or clearer ones), and with a lot of flashbacks?

Also, Max Gladstone’s Craft series would be an extremely interesting setting for a game of rapid progess and environmental depletion.


There is a GURPS Discworld book that would be a good resource for that.


Delta Green can easily become True Detective: The King in Yellow isn’t Just A Psycho Pervert


The Black Gate in Dungeon World made me think of the Abhorsen the first time I heard about it.


I want an RPG of The Good Place.

Except, I guess I don’t want to rehash that same story. I want an RPG like The Good Place.


What about The Good Place do you want in an RPG?


Loads of interesting characters who are not of our world.

Problem solving through crazy leaps of logic.

Reality regularly rewritten.


My standard answer to this question is the Monster Blood Tattoo series of young adult novels by D. M. Cornish. A world of 18th century aesthetics, weird bio-tech, isolated human city states surrounded by “monster” haunted wilderness, and massive “glossaries” in the novels with more info about the setting than a typical RPG setting book.


I’m afraid that won’t help - what I love about discworld isn’t the setting it is the witty satire, beautiful philosophy and loveable characters. No sourcebook will get my gaming group to be able to improvise all of that dialogue that Terry Pratchett crafted over years.


That is certainly true. To have an adventure where you meet Rhincewind and Granny Weatherwax would not work without them being themselves, and I happen to have the book, along with the Compleat Ankh-Morpork because I do play GURPS. I just don’t have a group that would get it.


I’d enjoy a game based on Kevin Smith’s Dogma. Maybe throw in the extremists of the Red State movie for funsies.

I suppose In Nomine would be a good game system for this.


I have played an adventure in the Discworld, with the characters being members of the city watch. The secret, I found, was to take a real world problem, twist it up a bit and then insert it into the setting. It felt alright for the subject matter - hilarious, but not too gonzo.

Sure, a lot depends on the players and their willingness to go along with the surreal madness of the world while keeping it grounded.


Imagine what Pratchett would have made of Brexit :cry: :crazy_face:


Hah, good taste. This is exactly what I’m borrowing from in my Apocalypse World game in May.


I will say Doom Patrol (the Grant Morrison and Rachel Pollack runs + the new TV show) or just a game that explores super powers or gifts or whatever you want to call it which are stand ins for mental illness or overcoming societal issues.

Also Steven Universe. I think Steven Universe could make a delightfully queer sci-fi PbtA game where you solve problems myriad ways, with fighting being almost the boring route.


Naruto / Boruto (Manga/Anime)

Ninja school with interesting systems of motivation of the characters that tie in mechanically with their abilities, scales to a global level, with multigenerational/dynastic development of jutsu, and bloodline unique abilities.

I frequently see word of people working on various hacks of open game systems, but never see anything reach the state of a commercial product. (Certainly, licensing plays a role in this). Edited to add: By no means am I suggesting that a non-commercial product would be remarkably inferior.