What piece of media do you wish was an RPG?


I’ve been playing Nite Team 4 and The Black Watchmen and really wish there was an RPG for them.
NT4 is a hacking simulator where you sometimes are tracking down information on the actual web. You’re breaking into systems and finding things where you have to put a bunch of disparate clues together.

It could be done via RPG but the prep time would be vast.


We’re in the middle of season 3 right now and yes!


GURPS had a New Sun sourcebook


There is a rumored Bas-Lag RPG, based on China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station et al novels.

Feels like it would work to play some strange mashup of Dungeon World / WoDu and Numenara to get that weird blend of grit and steampunk.


It’s not rumoured, it’s actually in the hands of a publisher who’s managed to do exactly nothing with the license in the decade-plus he’s had it.

There was a short piece in Dragon magazine that actually did some Bas-Lag stuff for a previous edition of D&D:


There’s Blades of New Crobuzon, a hack for Blades in the Dark. Looking back on this thread I feel like Blades is the new GURPS “There’s a book for that” (though obviously much leaner and fan-hack than GURPS splatbooks)


Jhereg was based on Brust’s D&D game


I’ve been increasingly desiring a Delicious Dungeon RPG as well as an X-Com RPG. If I can finish my other projects in a reasonable time, I might do both …


I would like to give a heartfelt thank you for reminding me that “Pirates of Darkwater” exists!!

I NEED to try to find it now…


Dark Souls, apparently. Over and over and over. It’s been an interesting exercise in sussing out what I actually feel is central to the experience, and how to replicate that at the table.

Also, The Lost Room (but wackier). I love the premise and setting potential way more than the series itself.

The one I haven’t tried that I’m most looking forward to trying: the BPRD comics. I know there are games that can handle this fine, and there actually is a GURPS Hellboy game, but I want something that gives a little more guidance for character creation and feels less true to the comics as canon, more true to the comics in tone.


Pose. I’d love a game about the ball scene in NYC. It’s got all the right ingredients for a great game.


@jasoncordova6 has you covered with True Beauty in Codex: Joy 2.


Yeah, my True Beauty framework for Monsterhearts 2 is exactly this. It gets played quite a bit on Gauntlet Hangouts.

It’s in Codex - Joy 2: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/268168/Codex--Joy-2-Nov-2018?term=Codex+Joy+


Omg thank you so much. I’m so buying that zine :heart:


It’s amazing how well Monsterhearts 2 works for playing young people in a ball house.


I just saw the trailer for the Dark Crystal series, and I realized I wanted this setting to be an RPG.


I think Archipelago would work better for The Sandman. Each player’s element could be one of the Endless.


If someone designed a game that captured the feeling of a Kelly Link short story, I’d build an altar and worship them there.


Start building




By Benjamin Rosenbaum

That’s not fair! You’re cheating! :smiley: