What piece of media do you wish was an RPG?

I had a really great time playing Skeksis from The Dark Crystal using Ganakagok, several years back.

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I would very much like a game based on shows like “The Great British Bake-Off”, or that anime show about a cooking contest.

I’ve wrecked my brain on how I would do it but constantly turn out unsatisfied with the result.

I love the Titanfall video games (Titanfall 1&2, Apex Legends) and I’d love to translate it into a video game, but they’re so gamey that they make basically no sense.

Into a tabletop game?

Journey to the West as a demigod picaresque. Immortals and demons struggling, but not the powerful immortals and demons, the sort of sketchy ones or ones on probation.

On the subject of early Chinese literature I’d also love to see the Detective Dee mysteries - the original ones from the 8th century and their 20th century fan fic as a troupe style mystery solving, social dynamic RPG with a bit of weird supernatural added for variety. The judicial powers of a Tang magistrate like Dee are huge, but the consequences for a false conviction and the schemes of court are also huge. I suspect it’d work best as Dogs in the Vineyard rip off.


It could make sense as a minatures skirmish game, but I was thinking as an RPG.

Lancer is pretty close to that

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Ah, well, I just discovered there is such a thing! Uranium Chef! I’m reading through it (and watching an actual play) and so far it seems great!

I wonder if there is an interesting game possible based on MCaffery’s Dragon novels on Pern ?

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Sure! Lots of eras to play with, political intrigue between the holds and weyrs, dragons and riders fighting heroically against thread, hints at unusual origins, romantic options, etc. Certainly enough material for a solid core book or a box set of some sort.