What RPG gaming goals do you have for 2019?

Well you are in luck because at the newly redesigned Calendar page you can see all the games that have openings in them:

https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/calendar so if you can even plan a few hours to a few days in advance you can likely get into a game!


Very cool! I’ll have to see if I can rig up some equipment too… I currently don’t have a webcam, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the link!


I set a vague goal this year to prioritise gaming due to large stretches of “being too busy”. I’ve been tracking it.

So far this year have played/run in a mere 9 sessions over 24 weeks.

The curse of full-time work, deadlines, young kids and a partner who works shifts in times other than 9-5! :skull::skull::skull:


-Learn to play online (Gauntlet hangouts, Roll20, etc)
-Run/play more PbtA games (recently moved from D&D 5e to Dungeon World). Ideally start a Blades campaign and try a few others as one-shots.
-Complete the RPG Writers Workshop in July (I’m signed up!) with at least a draft of a game idea I have
-Join in the upcoming Dream jam at Itch.io
-Find a couple new players for in-person games (Norfolk, VA anyone?)

  • Learn to play online
  • Start my dream Archipelago Campaign that I mentioned in the Dream Campaign thread with a local group.
  • Start a local group.

My goals for 2019…

  • Play more games on The Gauntlet.
  • Begin GMing on The Gauntlet.
  • Finish my “Ultraviolet World” DW rules hack.
  • Start running an Ultraviolet Grasslands campaign using my “Ultraviolet World” rules hack.
  • Play Trophy.
  • (Tentative) Attend PAX Unplugged.
  • Wrap up 2yr Blades campaign.

  • Start another game.

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  1. Play in a non-DnD game.
  2. Organize a semi-regular (monthly?) in-person story gaming group.
  3. Attend a gaming con of some sort.
  4. Make non-DnD gaming a regular part of my life. That’s the only way I ever accomplish anything.
  5. Finish graduate school so I can find time to do all of the above.

I offer my sincere condolences.

Stay strong!

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  1. Create a supplement for Mothership similar in size to Dead Planet
  2. Submit the supplement to the writers of Mothership for consideration to use their license
  3. Create a first draft of a new diceless rpg regarding Alien 1st Contact
  4. Run 5 new to me RPGs (4 completed)
  5. Play in a game on the Gauntlet
  6. Start a campaign / mini-campaign this year

I feel like I should be able to hit these three goals by end of 2019.

I’m signed up to run/facilitate 3-4 games that are new to me at an upcoming convention in MN: Questlandia, The King Is Dead, For the Queen, with maybe Kingdom (played it but never facilitated).

Registered for Metatopia. Need to get two games ready for it–most likely will be Dark Well and Vigilance.

I’ve been working on several games, most recently on the following two: Space Station Omega and NightMirror.

Because of my crazy work schedule I haven’t been able to commit to running any online games, but I’d like to give it a go through the Gauntlet later this year once I’ve gotten some things in place in RL. This may be my unofficial official 4th goal for the year. :slight_smile:

  1. Play in a non-DnD game.
  2. Finish graduate school so I can find time to do all of the above.

Done and done! I’ve played in two sessions of Downfall and one session of Ross Rifles to take care of (1). I defend my thesis on the 23rd to take care of (5). Two of the bigger goals taken care of!


Things I’ll hopefully accomplish in the nearish future:

  • Be part of/run: Vampire the Masquerade, and Harry Potter and the Tabletop RPG
  • Put down some of my game design ideas into a coherent set of rules, formatted into book form
  • Become more active on the Gauntlet, playing games and contributing to the community
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  • prioritize TTRPGs as a hobby. I’ve loved them forever but have been very unsuccessful at playing in any for a while. Hoping to get some PBPs off the ground…it’s not easy, but hoping! might even try to do some online play, though my current time zone makes that tricky, and I don’t really like one shots. I might consider running some Gauntlet hangouts if I can swing it though, good chance to mix things up, get some experience with new people, and try some systems I won’t get to play with otherwise. Chinese timezone and the great firewall make this rough though
  • finish up the massive library of Ars Magica extended books, and actually like…have a grip on the system
  • play the hell out of Hearts of Wulin once the full rules drop
  • read some of the rulebooks I’m super interested in for various reasons…I have a stack and need to make my way through it (priorities right now: King Arthur Pendragon, Street Fighter, mage the Ascension, Dresden files, a number of WuXia games, and then so many more…)
  • continue to organize my thoughts around some settings and even potential RPGs I’d like to design. Right now I need to play more and read more, but still, would like to develop more coherent thoughts here
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I love me some Ars Magica.

What Wuxia game are you looking at?


For the wuxia games, I don’t know if I’ll run them, but I’m very curious how they handle the genre (I’m a huge wuxia fan). Thus far I know of Weapons of the Gods, Qin, Legends of the Wulin, legend of the elements, and of course Gauntlet’s own Hearts of Wulin. I also have a list of games that I think games in the genre could draw from, like street fighter, wuxing: the Ninja crusade, l5r, tenra bansho zero, jadepunk, even exalted…

I guess one day I’d also like to make some sort of wuxia based game but now with them making HoW, I need to first decide what I think is missing :slight_smile: and I want to understand the prior art…

Edit: and yeah ars magica is a work of beauty in so many ways. I also really love their take on mythic Europe. Sometimes the rules on rules on rules that come in the extended books can be a bit overwhelming, but the core of the game is so cool. I want something that feels like that for wuxia (though less complex for skill resolution etc hah)


I’ve run a bunch of Legends of the Wulin. Love it but the crunch can be a bit much.

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Oh nice! Yeah, I guess I’m trying to find a game a little more mechanically motivated than Hearts of Wulin[1], but that can capture the Wuxia vibe with a reasonable amount of crunch. This is a hard ask.

[1] I’m actually super excited about this game and I think they made awesome decisions (the way they handle fighting is absolutely on point for what they’re doing with the genre). That said, I think there is space for games that focus on other aspects of Wuxia :slight_smile: For example, I’ve been thinking about a sort of blades of the dark inspired game where everyone is running a martial arts sect…

My only goal at this point is to find a fine group of people in my social circles to run OSR game for this year. TotSK is probably what I’ll initially run to get myself into the groove but other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


#1 is trucking along and should be releasing soon!

And while I’ve run #2 once, I haven’t gotten a series up yet, and I haven’t started work on #3

Hmm, I think I need to set up a November game…