What RPG gaming goals do you have for 2019?

-Put together a desktop setup capable of running games on hangouts.
-Tighten up a few of my games and make them available on itchio.
-Colaborate with other designers on a project!
-Continue to promote and diversify the RPGWorkshop Meetup in Seattle.
-Discover new games, sign up for more cons, and run some really fun stuff for folks at The Gauntlet and elsewhere.

  • Find a local gaming group to meet with regularly
  • GM my first game for my wonderful wife
  • Start writing! I’ve been enjoying reading RPG books, and am starting to have ideas of my own
  1. I really want to explore more PbtA games (especially Fellowship)
  2. I want to run more Monsterhearts and create more for that wonderful system.
  3. I want to understand BelongingOutsideBelonging games enough to hack it, perhaps for a Doom Patrol feel.
  4. I want to run games for new people and play games with new people.
  5. Make some hacks of stuff, be they new Skins, Playbooks, or anything like that.
  • Run at least one game event series for Gauntlet (most likely Dungeon World or No Country for Old Kobolds)
  • Create a character keeper for No Country for Old Kobolds
  • Submit at least one session report to the Gauntlet Blog
  • Submit at least one proper pitch to Codex
  • Start a gaming blog

I want to run my first game for the Gauntlet, and work up one of the bubbling game ideas I have right now into something workable. I also want to see @SabineV5’s Changeling: The Dreaming PbtA, because I love that game world almost as much as I’ve come to love Changeling: The Lost. And maybe run a session of @Luiz’s Gonzo World!

  • Get an actual first draft with my game rules
  • Build an introductory one-shot and run it for The Gauntlet
  • Play in at least one Gauntlet game a month

Ooh, I also want to be more involved in helping others think about game design in general.


Being a new member to the community, my major goal is to set time aside to play some one offs with everyone. Time is tight at the moment but I hope that in the future I can get something set aside to actively play.

I live in an rpg bubble, only now finding a group of awesome, like minded individuals such as this so I really hope to form some friendships and get to play some.

The other big goal is to finish writing my Player’s/GM’s guide for my personal rpg system. I have a finished rough draft, which I am going over with a fine toothed comb and have been play testing for 2 months now with friends and having fun, but I really want to show the system off to everyone and get input on how they feel about it. I love perspective and growing as a writer and game designer and can not wait to see how folks receive the early version.

  1. Run “Dungeon Noobz” during the week - Low-stress, low-stakes Dungeon World for people who haven’t played it yet.
  2. Finish design on VAMPS - Hipster vampires who just want humans to be healthy.
  3. Save for cons.
  4. Commit to some more formalized design_feedback sessions. I live vicariously through other people’s designs.

My main focus this year is publishing. I’ve got too many half completed projects that need finished. I’ve got adventures for Demon Hunters, The Sprawl and Crystal Heart that I want out by the middle of the year and after that my aim is to get back at least one of my own games out. Ideally Project Cassandra which has been on the backburner for far too long.

Beyond that I want to try and introduce a wider variery of games to the local scene. I’ve had mixed success so far but everybody seems so focused on D&D 5e that even when I’m pitching relatively traditional games I feel like I’m shouting into the void.

  1. Get Carnations crowdfunded and heading out the door. (This is in progress! I swear!)
  2. Keep on trucking with more weird takes on Kingsport (planning a Bat Hack run for it.)
  3. See if I can keep to my unofficial “Every game I run on the Gauntlet in 2019 is set in the 19th century” theme :slight_smile:
  4. Actually contribute more on social media
  5. Holy Heck, I need a Next Big Idea :slight_smile:


  • Run something new to me each month.
  • Get to play more and not just GM/facilitate
  • Get something playable written and out to people
  • Try this streaming thing

@AviatrixCat Will 2020 all be 20th Century?


I haven’t decided if I wanna be that cute yet :slight_smile:
That said, I do have some 20th century ideas maybe :slight_smile:

(And in August I think I’ll celebrate the one year anniversary of Kingsport 1976 with Kingsport 1876…)

  • Complete at least two campaigns (my campaigns are 6-24 sessions in length).
  • Do more one-shots of games I won’t have time to run as campaigns.
  • Play/run more Gauntlet sessions.
  • Run a campaign of D&D5e (I know, I know…) :grinning:
  • Find a face-to-face group for a few sessions of play.
  • Complete my setting book.
  • Run my games at Games on Demand for PAX East and Unplugged
  • Sell my own games at conventions for the first time
  • Run Ultraviolet Grasslands in Mutantville for my home group
  • Send out every issue of the Goblinville zine on time
  • Play in a summer campaign of Torchbearer
  • Play in more Gauntlet games
  • Publish a second project this fall

One of my goals is to play in another of your face to face games when I’m in NY this summer!


Fantastic! I will add that to my goals list as well :slight_smile:

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Would love to play in any of the following games on Gauntlet. Spirit of 77, The Sprawl, Urban Shadows, City of Mist, Action Movie World, Worlds in Peril, Storm Riders, Scum and Villainy. Possibly Shadow of the Century as well.

Try to play more F2F RPGs, and possibly run a game for the first time.

  • I have three RPG designs; I want to playtest at least one of them, maybe even have it ready to release by the end of the year (that seems very ambitious, though)
  • Run my Expanse-inspired Kingdom setup as a 3-4 session series
  • Get my “Masks, but in the Overwatch world” run as a 3-4 session series
  • Run games in the Gauntlet!
  • Conclude my F2F Masks campaign that’s been running for a year with an awesome finale.
  • Playtest and polish my PbtA nuns game “Autumn Triduum,” and maybe move towards publishing it.
  • Publish games or modules in the Codex.
  • Play/GM in a rotating GM Open Table campaign, possibly in Monster of the Week?