What RPG gaming goals do you have for 2019?

  • Play more of the giant pile of games I’ve accumulated over the years
  • More playtesting of Get Ready 2 Rock
  • Learn more about older (e.g. Forge-era) storygames
  • Develop my games that I’m writing for my Economic Geography and Environmental Justice classes so that they’re in a state to be shared with other people

  • find new friends to play with
  • Have as much fun with rpgs as possible
  • run Hearts of Wulin
  • run vagabonds of dyfed
  • create some nice modules and settings

  • Run a game a week on Gauntlet Hangouts [Pacific weeknights]
  • Introduce more of my friends to one-shot story games. Many want to play, but can’t commit to more than a single session.
  • Travel to a couple cons

  • Write more (read: at all)
  • Test a game in my development queue
  • Play in a few Gauntlet Games
  • Run a few Gauntlet Games

  • Playtest more games still in development - It’s kind of fun trying to figure out games that are still brewing?
  • Run more games by smaller/independent designers
  • Write some small games??
  • Get this David Lynch-esque surreal city landscape quarterly campaign out of my head and someplace in the actual world


Yass definitely run HoW! Excited to hear about it if/when you do :smile:


With pleasure. Do you still have tips for matching series, which can be found on Amazon or YouTube or elsewhere? I found one without subtitles. Nice to look at, but I just do not understand anything :thinking:


The Blade of Destiny, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, IP Man are all possible touchstones if I recall. @Agatha probably knows more.

  • Play and run games from my collection.

  • Attend Metatopia.

  • Move a few game designs towards completion.

  • go to at least one con. (I haven’t been to one in over 15 years)
  • try out more one-shots
  • play more gm-less and gm-full games
  • do more f2f facilitating


Hope we can do a Game Facilitator Camp together @DavidMK!


A new goal: my partner and I want to establish our home as a hub for a more diverse local indie tabletop community. We have a really beautiful shared space and it’s important to both of us to give back to our friends and support creativity at, and around, the table :sparkles:


Hi! Let’s talk about this more. :slight_smile:


Let’s talk about this more. :slight_smile:

  • Playtest more

  • Actively contribute to the Gauntlet game design scene with playtest participation and feedback

  • Publish, even if it’s a soft launch, even if its a zine, even if its a microgame exported from Word PUBLISH something

  • Learn how it itch.io better!


I have all these same goals!


I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I think the answer is: do a wider variety of things.

Play game systems that are very different from each other
Play different formats (one-shots, campaigns, rotating casts, etc.)
Play with a variety of people

The last two years I’ve mostly played games within the same systems and with a steady group playing campaigns. I’ve enjoy those games and will still play with my weekly group…but I’m ready to expand my range. So far this year I’ve already played 5 new game systems and each one opens my mind to how many different things games can do.


So I haven’t been able to play much lately because of school and health, so my main goal is to play RPGs that make me happy with good people.


I’ve made a step in one of my goals: I posted a No Country for Old Kobolds event in April

  • Get more involved with my semi local queer gaming organization
  • Run at least 1 one shot at one of their meetups (I signed up to run Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures in April)
  • Go to at least one con
  • Play at least one game online
  • Convince one of my in person GMs to run something other than D&D so I can actually play something other than D&D
  • Run Masks for my Friday night playgroup
  • Run my D&D game for my little siblings at least semi-regularly and try to instill non-murder hobo instincts in them