What RPG gaming goals do you have for 2019?

  • finish commissioning art for Visigoths vs. Mall Goths, crowdfund it, and get it into players’ hands
  • play more games with unusual approaches to design
  • make friends with more streamers and podcasters

I’ve kind of been on hiatus from RPGs and would like to get something kind of semi regular going again.


A friend and I are trying to start a regular open indie RPG event in the western Portland area. I used to go a biweekly indie RPG night before it fell apart, and I really miss getting to meet people and play and run a bunch of different games. So I hope it comes together! We’re still trying to figure out where we can host it. (if you run a game store or event space on the western shores of the Willamette, hmu)

There are a few games lingering on my to-play list that I really want to get to somehow: Cthulhu Dark, Band of Blades, and very much Freebooters on the Frontier.


Playing: Continue playing Burning Wheel. Play to the conclusion of Worldbreaker for Esoterrorists. Return to Ashen Stars with one of my favourite player characters. Try out Mothership.

Running: Return to my One Ring campaign inspired by the Darkening of Mirkwood. Run some more Liminal. Do something with Cthulhu Apocalypse. Run some convention games (currently lined up: Mythras: Mythic Babylon, Fate: Wolf’s Head, Space 1889, Star Trek Adventures).

More trials of games in development (Star Trek inspired Fate space opera game, Cortex space opera game, high fantasy game with the Liminal system).


Hummm… Tough question.

I guess now that my son is almost 4, I would say my main goal is to organize an ongoing campaign again. Like with people actually present around the same table.

I already managed to play very fast games with my son. So that’s amazingly good for me!

My other goals would be to publish my third RPG and my first RPG for Kids (the one I am playing with my son).

And, if possible, earn enough to make it to Gary Con next year!


It’s so great when you can play with your own children for the first time. My son is now 7 and it gets more exciting every day. :star_struck:


If I can get my group back together and start playing again before Memorial Day, I’ll consider it a win. (My wife has been sick since early September, and we went on hiatus waiting for the doctors to figure out what was wrong. She was finally diagnosed with cancer in December. She’s in remission now with two treatments remaining.)

So, with that in mind:

  • Finish our (now truncated) Tomb of Annihilation game. I already have a plan in place for this which the group is cool with.
  • Play test one of the adventures I’m going to run at Gary Con next year (A D&D B/X adventure tentatively called “The Eldritch Thing”
  • Play a couple of sessions of something new, perhaps Sentinel Comics RPG, Feng Shui 2, or a Fallout hack for Genesys.
  • Start a new D&D campaign, possibly Ghosts of Saltmarsh
  1. 2018 was the year I worked really hard to get more comfortable with GMing (I find it stressful and terrifying), I made significant improvements on that side but I want to extend that into 2019 and make it as easy and stress-free as possible. I had the same experience of getting used to driving so I know it is possible.

  2. So far I’ve been writing and designing on one big thing for months now and whilst I still have work to do on that I really want to write some smaller games with more nimble systems and write a few blog posts I’ve got lined up in my head.

  3. I’m not very good at engaging online (but I really want to be) I had a strong community on G+ and so I’m looking to be less passive and lurky in RPG online spaces and more engaged so that I can have that community again. So this is a first step right here :wink:

  4. This is mostly a list of games I want to run/play this year: Prism, Epyllion, the Beast, the Watch, Under Hollow Hills and something from the You & I 2 player collection, I’ll add to this as I go I expect. The other two on the list were Dialect and Amazing Table but I’ve already played them now.

  5. Go away for a long weekend of gaming. Pre-kids this was easy, post-kids it is much harder since they are not yet at the stage were we could take them along and do all the gaming we want.

  • Get my MA thesis done (yes this is a gaming goal)
  • Finish up my current Pathfinder campaign, start up the next one, get my fifth Pathfinder Society star.
  • Start up a Vampire campaign
  • Run one-shots of some of the unplayed pieces in my collection, both the really old and the brand new. Especially interested in giving Apocalypse World, Toon and The Expanse a turn at the table.
  • Get at least one translation out of the door.

My first post here, and I’m so glad that this forum is up. Thanks to everyone involved!

As always, there is too little time to do all the fun stuff. But I try to squeeze in:

  • Finalization of an open beta of Forged Facets, my pbta/fitd/fate fusion.
  • Porting of Anomalis to FF, my Half-Life inspired one-shot.
  • A rough playable prototype of Shards, a game about undead servitude.

But there will probably be a lot of other ideas and impulses intervening with this that I have to resist, so we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, glad to be here!


GM my first PBTA game. I only played once by post so far, but this will be the first time I GM it and it will be live.

I’m planning on running Masks for my gaming group. So far the main thing to do is finish reading and printing the manual and translate the playbook and basic moves to Spanish.

After that I’m set to do it. And if they like PBTA, I might go for Dungeon world or Monsterhearts, depending on which path they want to play.


My reading queue:

  • Scum & Villainy
  • Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 4E
  • The Black Hack 2E
  • Unity

My goals for play

  • Get World of Dungeons, Maze Rats, Whitehack, or The Black Hack to the table; I want to try my hand at GMing a dungeon focused, minimalist game.
  • Get some play in with Blades in the Dark, Scum & Villainy, or another Forged in the Dark game. I’ve GMed BitD a bunch, but want to engage more as a player.
  • Actually play Apocalypse World, The Veil, or Masks. Less interested in GMing these, but I really want to get more play experience with PbtA games.
  • Continue playtesting Plunderlight.

My goals for writing/design

  • Finish writing for Cable Street.
  • Continue adjusting and fleshing out Plunderlight.
  • Get one of my Forged in the Dark noodles to a point I can sell it.

I bet! I can’t wait to have a table full of kids playing RPGs, Board Games and whatnot!!!

  • Three titles released in 2019. So that means:
  • Regular playtesting/playstorming (weekly at least)
  • Play someone elses game for a change of pace and to stir in new ideas
  • Get back into playing/running on the Gauntlet
  • Revive office dungeon world so they will stop begging me to :wink:
  • Get Sea of Stars out the door in ashcan/zine form
  • Play some more Cartel, Dogs in the Vineyard, and engaging larps
  1. Get Hydrazine #0 and #1 out the door
  2. Write and begin playtesting on my first module
  3. Continue playing in my extant campaigns
  • All the play-by-post gaming! Particularly helping more PbP games see a satisfying end
  • Drawing in new blood to the wonder of the PbP world
  • Actively improve my skills as a player (F2F and PbP)
  1. Finish up and publish the PbtA game I’ve been playtesting. (Going well so far!)
  2. I’m also running a Changeling game that’s around halfway through its arc. That should finish up this year.
  3. Play in at least one game that’s just for fun! Playtesting is great, DMing is great, but it’s been a while since I just played to have a good time. My wife is planning to run Blades in the Dark in her own homebrew setting, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Consistent 3rd table at Houston Gauntlets Wed. game was mentioned earlier. Same thought on my mind. Also put more types games up for Sunday. We used to just run something for x number of weeks. I want to do something like an every other week then maybe two every month games. Something like that…point being if few people had interest in the Sunday game we were running we have ended up completely losing them eventually. So, variety within the month. I also want to get around to completing a game design…


Breakout Con is a big part of my gaming plans for 2019 – and it’s this weekend! Can’t wait. I’m signed up to play in 4 RPGs which I’ve bought but never run/played – some of them will be run by the authors!

Besides that, gaming plans for 2019:

  • Play some more great indie RPGs (InSpectres and Psi*Run are high on my list, thanks to The Farriers’ Bellows!)
  • Keep running my home-brew sandbox 5E D&D campaign
  • Keep up with the online TTRPG community, despite G+'s demise