What RPG gaming goals do you have for 2019?


Breakout Con is a big part of my gaming plans for 2019 – and it’s this weekend! Can’t wait. I’m signed up to play in 4 RPGs which I’ve bought but never run/played – some of them will be run by the authors!

I am really upset that I can’t make Breakout Con this year even though I live almost within throwing distance. I hope you have so great a time you can have part of mine this year.

  1. Test and iterate my BitD hack to the point where I feel comfortable submitting it to Evil Hat.
  2. Read more FitD and PbtA games.


Honestly, my biggest goal is to finally launch my own RPG on Kickstarter. It’s been a long time coming and it finally looks like it’s going somewhere.

  • Run a Soft Horizon game on Gauntlet Hangouts (Sand Dogs or King Machine)
  • Declare Exhumed finished with playtesting, whatever that ends up meaning
  • Finish a couple Into the Odd hacks I’ve been tooling around with, then play 'em, then release 'em
  • Run a playtest of a diceless game I’ve been fiddling with
  • Run an in-person campaign of one of the games I bought actual physical stuff for (either Invisible Sun, Phoenix Dawn Command, or both)
  • Blog a bunch about games, probably


Sorry you can’t make it, Brad! I’d be bummed too. I’ll start a thread on here to share photos and experiences.

  • Run a Soft Horizon game on Gauntlet Hangouts (Sand Dogs or King Machine)

I love you.


Find a local face-to-face group. We moved 700+ miles two year ago (and another 65 or so just December) and it separated me from 20+ year regular group. I have fun gaming on-line, but I also miss the 'round-the-table gatherings.

Seems like a modest goal, but honestly at my age meeting and connecting with new folks isn’t as easy as it once was. As one of The Olds, I’m all cranky & set in my ways & have and early bedtime and such . . .

  • Find a group to run Yoon-Suin with Whitehack to.
  • Run (or play) Hot Springs Island.

I’ve already fulfilled one part of the plan - to run a short SCUP campaign.


Sorry you can’t make it, Brad! I’d be bummed too. I’ll start a thread on here to share photos and experiences.

That would be really great John! Thank you.


Player Goals:

  • Melody of a Never-ending Summer
  • The Witch Is Dead
  • Descent into Midnight
  • City of Mist
  • Maybe Urban Shadows and/or Masks
  • Ten Candles
  • Retroverse D&D game
  • Monsters & Other Childish Things and/or The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor
  • At least one World of Darkness thing: Either Changeling: The Lost, Geist: The Sin-Eaters, or Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Some Call of Cthulhu one-shots?

GM Goals:

  • Ten Candles with my parents
  • Playtests of any and all of the stuff that I do get into beta stage

Creation Goals:

  • Finish up soft Deep One Hybrids Honey Heist hack (Children of Water and Land)
  • Finish up spooky/soft play-as-monsters Lasers & Feelings hack (Chill & Quiet)
  • Keep working on, and finish, PBtA living-location exploration game (Concrete Bones)
  • Keep working on PBtA magical girl game where you’re given powers by eldritch deities (unnamed)
  • Keep working on various other Lasers & Feelings hacks because they are very fun honestly (Transform & Roll Out, Fangs & Capes, The Glamour and the Gristle, Successors & Civilians, Stuffing & Stitches, Rocket Packs & Rock ‘n’ Roll, Kids & Monsters, Toffs & Tribulations)
  • Work on PBtA grey-morality classical fairy tale game (This is one of those fairy tales with blood.)
  • Work on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe PBtA game (unnamed)

  1. Play in some Gauntlet Hangout games.
  2. Play-test and release my World of Dungeons hack.
  3. Run more one-shots f2f and online.
  4. Play and document some solo games.

  • Keep up momentum on the Blades game I just started.
  • See if I can get some improv folks I know interested in Fiasco.
  • Get at least one of the sketches I have for games into playable form.
  • Find another local GM so I have someone to commiserate with.


My one goal is to pull together a face to face game!


Let me know if you want a quick primer on how we turned Fiasco into a long form performance game. It became our primary form for quite awhile and I taught it to several troupes at my college improv troupe’s 20th reunion. (I started it and boy does time fly.)


Ooh, goals. I haz them.

  • Deliver Flotsam and get it out to retailers and conventions
  • Finish designing Last Fleet and get it ready for Kickstarter
  • Start work with @BeckyA on our urban mythic game (working title is “the WTF game”)
  • Make time for blogging and small games, and start a Patreon to help with this
  • Play more games - especially those that aren’t written by me or Becky, and that aren’t PBTA
  • (Sub-goal to the above: play games from Codex and Worlds Without Master)
  • Do more roleplaying with The UK Indie RPG League
  • Do roleplaying on The Gauntlet Hangouts

I think that’s about it? That’s probably more than enough.


Oooh! You mean you turned Fiasco into more than a oneshot?


We turned it into an actual performance that my improv troupe performed each week.


I’m not in improv, I just happen to know some improv folks! But if I can get them to the table I’ll mention this to them, I’ll message you for the details if they’re interested!


New gaming goal: play a ranger who has a cow for an animal companion.

  • Start running games again (I haven’t run anything since May last year).
  • Also get back into running games for the Gauntlet.
  • Work my way through some of the backlog of RPGs I own but have yet to play/run.
  • Play/run the games I have most recently backed on Kickstarter or recently received from previous Kickstarters.
  • Relearn how to play in-character. (Been feeling like my ability to roleplay has atrophied over the past year.)