What RPG gaming goals do you have for 2019?

Write an important part for a setting book.

Run some games that are not The Dark Eye.

Play in a longer running game as a player.


Rob - If you want to stretch those in-character muscles then I will absolutely support you in that in our upcoming game together. Do you want to message me offline and we can talk about how to make that easy and fun again for you?


Sure! The main issue is just that I’ve been kind out of practice, but if you have some advice on how to get better again, I’d definitely welcome that.

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Play in a longer running game as a player.

Oh, this. So much XD


I’m looking to jump into GMing (and facilitating) in a big way. My plan is to start running one shots twice a month in my girlfriend’s tea shop in Seattle. I’ll be running storygames and OSR stuff. My plan is to start next month with one shots of Honey Heist and a dungeon crawl in The Black Hack 2e. I’m super nervous, but excited.


Black Hack 2e looks nifty; I’d enjoy playing that

  1. Successfully publish my first story game (A Cool and Lonely Courage - kickstarting in about a month! Gulp!)

  2. Do more development work on my next two game ideas and get them to a playtestable state

  3. Become an active participant here.


When you start doing this, give me a heads up? I live in the area and would love to help run stuff.

  • Finish building the new rooms of my house so I can bring the gaming table back from the neighbour’s garage, and commence my monthly dream campaign in my own house
  • Submit my entry to Pamphlet Dungeon Jam, and anything else I think I can contribute to
  • Complete the two games I’m working on
  • Update the shared campaign setting canvas map for my convention
  • Continue my old campaign with my city friends now that 75% of them also have children
  • Book the venue for next year’s convention for two days to celebrate its 5th birthday
  • Run an online game of either Dungeon World or Ironsworn (both is fine)
  • Start GMing vanilla Dungeon World (with a group that are already interested and bug me about it so this should be easily completed)
  • Find an online or irl group to play a cyberpunk rpg with
  • Lots of outside repainting on my house (yeah right, maybe this should be a 2020 goal)

If I write these down, I guess that means I need to do them. My 2019 gaming goals are to:

  • Kickstart the zine version of Girl Underground :heavy_check_mark:
  • Kickstart the collected hardcover of Trophy
  • Publish the ashcan for Working Stiffs (Powered by the Apocalypse zombie-filled workplace comedy)
  • Start playtesting my no-math, no-reading RPG for little kids and their grownups
  • Start dreaming about my 2020 goals :grinning:

I’m stuck with a gaming group that focuses entirely on D&D and so my goal for 2019, well, the remaining 9 months of it, is to hopefully get through the current campaign and get them into something that isn’t mainline D&D. Heck, I’d settle for OSRIC or Dungeon World or something else.


I’m on a podcast that currently plays Monster of the Week. In this next year I’d like to learn at least 4 more PbtA games as well as I know MotW. I spent so many years playing EarthDawn and Pathfinder - that I have just fallen in love with the ease of some of the PbtA games - but I want to start learning some of the more complicated ones.


What will your interview podcast cover? Do you have a name for it? I have gotten so fascinated with the podcast naming process as of late.

There are instructions for chaining Fiasco playsets together into longer-form tabletop experiences in the American Disasters collection.


elStiko If you run Dungeon World, please let me know if a ranger + cow companion would be appropriate :cow2:

More goals:

Post a Gauntlet event for Ray Otus’ Ape City

Post a Gauntlet event for Fiasco

Run a Masks game that has little combat and focuses on young adult super-drama

Introduce my nieces and nephew to gaming


I cast thee out!
~ produces yeeting scroll ~

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  1. Publish my one-shot Dungeon World adventure - Hellspire Crucible.
  2. Edit eight adventures for the Uncaged Anthology (D&D 5E).
  3. Edit adventures for those in the RPG Writer Workshop (https://twitter.com/RPGWriterWrkshp)
  4. Stretch goal - offer services as a playtester for the RPG Writer Workshop.

It is nifty! I hope you get to play it.