What system would you use to run a game inspired by the 2000s tv show Dark Angel?

I’m looking for game system suggestions that won’t take a heap of work to customize to the Dark angel setting

Could you maybe say something about Dark Angel’s setting and premise, and what about it you’d like to see in a game? It would help those of us who aren’t familiar with the show answer the question.

Dark Angel is set in a near future, slightly post-apocalyptic, slightly cyberpunk setting. There was an EMP (and maybe war) that knocked out a lot of consumer electronics, the economy’s in a deep depression, there’s massive internal population displacement and refugees. The govt is corrupt and authoritarian while corporations and wealthy elites do as they wish. There’s. mild supernatural elements with the main character being a genetically engineered super-soldier.

Wikipedia suggests the show has a mixture of cyberpunk, gothic and action genres. There’s reoccurring elements relating to found family, standing up to powerful interests, paying personal costs for doing what’s right, being hunted by shady operatives, class solidarity

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Characters are a bunch of rebels hunted by authority and paying a high toll ?
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