What to do if you're interested in playing games on the Gauntlet Calendar

If you’re interested in playing games on the Gauntlet Calendar, first read this post, to get a sense of what the calendar is and how it works: https://www.gauntlet-rpg.com/playing-online-with-the-gauntlet.html

Once you’ve read that, and you’re still having trouble getting into games, feel free to post here in this thread to let us know you’d like to play, but you haven’t been able to get into games, as well as what timezones/timeframes work for you. Also feel free to suggest specific games you’d like to see on the calendar. Though we make no promises, Gauntlet game facilitators often reserve space in their games for new players, and we will be checking this space. If things match up, somebody may reach out to you with a slot in a game. I’ve also included our session guidelines below, so you can see at a glance our approach to safety. Hope to see you in a Gauntlet game soon!

Session Guidelines
All Gauntlet sessions use safety tools. We expect GMs to present and explain the tools they will be using—as well as checking in to confirm them after session one. Most sessions use several tools in combination, most commonly Lines & Veils, the X-Card, and a CATS set up. Additionally all games are to follow the Gauntlet Code of Conduct .

All our sessions are Open Table , meaning anyone can sign up as their schedule permits. This means games may have a slightly different line up of players from session to session. The GM will explain and teach any necessary rules. You don’t have to know the system or own the books to play. Sessions are Open Door as well—so if you try out a game and it isn’t a good fit, you can drop. We only ask that you alert the game facilitator and cancel your RSVP.

Most sessions run about three hours—that will be listed in the event description. GMs will offer one or two breaks and players can call for them as necessary. If you have issues with safety or conduct at your table , you can contact the Gauntlet Care Committee at gauntletcommunity@gmail.com.


Yaasss I’m new to the forum and I was gonna ask if there was a topic like this one, since I got really sad when I wasn’t able to join the Balikbayan table :cry:

I would love to play:
Alice is missing
Girl Underground

Weekdays GMT -3 (+/- 2 hours)
Weekends GMT -8 till GMT +4

Thank you so much for this opportunity :purple_heart::purple_heart:



I’ll make sure this reaches the Slack community, @nynphaiel


@nynphaiel can you tell me what hours those times would be in US Eastern?

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Weekdays: I can start at 6 pm EST (I should go to bed by 11 pm EST :sweat_smile:)
Weekends: I can start at 10 am EST, and I kinda don’t have a bed time lol

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