What was your favorite Gauntlet Hangout experience?

It seems to me as a new user that this community has many shared stories. What have been your favorite?


Playing through my Transformed’s journey from unsure schoolboy guesting in a series, to rash youth out of his depth, to thwarted high schooler in search of a date (any date) for the Prom, to doomed angry young man ‘dying’ as a hero, in @LeandroP’s Masks Quarterly.


… or @Will_H playing a member of the Czech Resistance in one of my ‘Achtung! Cthulhu Dark’ session for GGN. His slow slide into confusion, dis-belief, and finally madness, as he discovers exactly what has become of his Uncle Radim … it was a joy to behold!


Most of the Kingsport games have been great, but the Tolstoy-inspired Good Society game I did in February remains one of the best gaming experiences of my life. I was blessed with a great cast of people and they brought something amazing to life.


I mean to watch those videos. That sounds awesome!

They’ve all been good so far.

One made me laugh more than the others, so i’ll go with that. I ran Monster of the Week one shot based around Halloween night. Each scene worked well, the players bounced off eachother and the plot.


Oh man Alun that was maybe my favourite Gauntlet experience. I made Zacpal jr on a whim and lo and behold, he came face to face with dear Uncle Radim! So much fun. So much narrative fulfilment.

Mind you Radim gallivanting around the fallen castle, eating flesh and cavorting in blood, was also great. As was Sharpe reuniting a broken family, or blackmailing a Fey queen… or Blacwyn fighting his way through the King in Flint to banish him, leaping in front of his friends to save Synhamm … Ah memories.

And this is before I even consider my games that haven’t been with you :slight_smile:


In @RichRogers’ Gauntlet City Limits, he ran 1%er, a Sons of Anarchy like game. It might just be my favorite game ever. The other players involved, all Gauntlet all-stars, and their PCs have been inducted into my RPG Hall of Fame. Ride on, Pagan Soldiers!


There were so many, it’s really hard to say!

  • Hot Guys Making Out: Star Trek. I was Spock, and I was able to logically conclude that, yes, I loved Kirk.
  • Trophy: Writer’s Retreat. The one game where I was literally shaking because of all the tension. And I ran it.
  • Melody of a Never-Ending Summer: We played teenagers opening up to each other over one summer, and then they had to go home again. Such a beautiful game. Everybody cried.
  • Hearts of Wulin: After intrigues, murder, poison, a zombifyed mother and many betrayals, my character reluctantly became Empress.

And the ass-kickers:

  • Schatten im Zwielicht (Shadows in Twilight): Epic battle against the forces of Evil, and my fire mage blew himself up to take out the Invincible Legion.
  • Masks: The Suits. More epic battle against an alien menace, and my Weapon really touched a nerve there.

Sorry. I can’t decide, and I forgot Rider’s Last Ride, and the New Year thing where we hunted a white hart …


@SabineV5 Monkey in the Scarlet Court is possibly one of my favourite games that i’ve ran here. so much fun and the story kept on building on itself. brilliant. :slight_smile:

Mr Monet’s character arc in @Tylom’s Gauntlet League wrestling game. possibly my favourite character that i’ve played and the most emotional i’ve got in a game as we watch their broken man try and find a way to do the best by his teenage daughter while battling his own demons and heartache.


Mistress Secret Sun continues to endorse your elevation from beyond the grave @SabineV5 . Great sessions @GerwynWalters!


Playing World Wide Wrestling at last Gauntlet Con was an incredible blast. I played a hardcore aggro London wrestler (KILLA KING) and drew blood!

But honestly the best time was a Monsterhearts hack by @Luiz where we incorporated music into scenes, and we did a great romantic tension scene to “Should I Stay or Should I Go”.


Outside of what Alun mentioned above (You have no idea how giddy I got when I heard Radim Zacpal’s name uttered again!), I have two narrative experiences I couldn’t possibly choose between - and one just Gauntlet community experience.

I’ll start with the community experience; in @Ludovico_Alves game of Microscope where we created The City of the Ram, one of our players (Parham) was sight impaired and largely used a text-audio reader to interact.
Microscope can be quite a heavy text game but I was very happy (and I think he was too) with how we accommodated this player; offers to recap information verbally, to provide the broad overview that we could see at a glance of our history, all were welcomed and the player never seemed to be out of the loop despite the vast differences in what we could all access at a glance. Not only did we have an amazing experience (love Ludo’s idea for Scenes, where each player pitches an outcome to the Scene’s question rather than just the suggestor dictat) but it was a really positive, supportive experience.

Narrative ones now:

  • Generation Xtra by @Ferret - My do-gooder Legacy winning over @erez87 's Delinquent. I usually play ‘good’ characters who have some real destructive tendencies or obnoxious character quirks. This time (only time?) I played a straight up hero trying his best, and I loved every brief fleeting moment with @LeandroP, @Tylom and @patrickK. From my Legacy’s rival with the Beacon to the looming threat of our Doomed and the hidden secret/shame of our Monstrous, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to Masks. Winning over the Delinquent was the moment where we felt like a Team, in spite and because of the rivalry and drama. And it got me into X-Statix

  • Urban Shadows: 1950s LA Noir by @David_Walker - So much I loved here. My character was the underdog amongst @Pearl_Zare, Caroline and @DavidMorrison, all of whom had far more cards to play than my poor schmuck psychic. But I got to run wild with the Oracle’s powers, playing all my friends off against our enemies (and each other…) without ever fully showing my hand. At first everyone thought I was a monster with all the secrets and lies, but by the end, I left the shadows of LA just a little brighter than before. Not bad for a schmuck like Ritchie, who never ever succeeded on his dice rolls… shame about Lee though. But at least I helped that mutt save his pack.


Maybe I’m just obsessed with it at the moment … but the last session of the recent Achtung!Cthulhu Dark series (which also included @Will_H) had some really great scenes as we approached the end.