What would make an indie dice-roller / tabletop simulator a "killer app" for you?

(really hope this is the right forum for this…)

I’m going to be spending my weekend (and maybe next weekend too) working on https://1kfa.com/table, and while there are definitely some bugs that need fixing, I also want to add some new features.

So my question for you: what feature could this software have that would make you want to use it in your next online session? I think the most useful feedback is often the most specific, so feel free to get into the nitty gritty. If you want to see a Blades in the Dark character sheet that has buttons to press for Devil’s Bargain, and it highlights when there are 2+ sixes, and it needs to be ready for your session next Friday, please get that specific.

If you’ve got a Github account, you can drop requests and ideas in the Issues page, or just post something here.

(Note, if you’re going to post about the Save / Load bugs and the Multiplayer state syncing bugs, I already know about them and those will be my first priorities this weekend)

Thanks so much for any feedback, and heck, thanks just for taking a look!


Defining rolls and variables. For example, I’m right now running a The Veil table. I’d like for the players to type !roll analyze scared and for the roll to make proper calculations.

This would most likely require defining variables, for stats and such. for example

!def analyze :state = 2d6 + :state
!def scared 2


Hi darkade!

What if there was an on-screen character sheet with two d6es shown on it next to their “scared” attribute, and then a button you could click that would roll those dice and add the attribute modifier, and show the result right next to that?

(Never played The Veil, hope I’m not too confused about the rules)


That’d be great. But, for me, the problem with doing this with character sheets is that it becomes harder for me or the players to define quick stuff by ourselves.

I was going to do my current game on Astral, and do the character sheet precisely to have the automation, and then it wasn’t hard, but it required a lot of effort.

Having both would be Ideal, but just the chat commands solve my use case.


Great feedback, thanks!

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The thing I am craving and looking for is a simple, visual dice table. If someone could make one, it would be a phenomenal boon for online roleplaying!

I want to be able to create and delete dice, move them around, reroll them, select a number of them to total them up, and turn them to show a certain side when I need to. I should have some control over where the dice are rolled, too (so that I can, for example, roll two piles of dice while keeping them separate). I should be able to roll dice in different colours.

Basically, as close as you can get to what you do with actual dice at a table. And, to my surprise, nothing online can do this!

My ideal dice roller would allow you to just click on some dice to roll them, like Google’s dice roller (just type “roll dice” into Google - it’s pretty good!), but it doesn’t allow you to share the results with others, reroll dice, or move them around.

It would be like rollforyourparty.com, in that once we roll the dice, they are “on the table”, and we can all manipulate them and see them. (However, rollforyouparty can get glitchy when multiple people are using it, isn’t intuitive to use, and doesn’t allow you to multi-select dice. There’s also no way to “set” a die to certain number.)

It would be like roll20, except roll20 doesn’t allow you to select colours for dice in any easy way, makes sharing access to dice tricky (by default, the GM’s dice can’t be moved or selected by players, for example), and rolling dice “onto the table” is incredibly awkward. (I suppose that if there was a single-click menu or button to roll dice “onto the table” instead of into the chat, make the dice shared with everyone, select their colour, and more easily/intuitively reroll them, roll20 would be perfect, except for the need to create an account.)

It should also be possible to import images (and send them to a different “layer”, so you can move dice over them) and text. Again, roll20 does this part well (although there are so many other features in roll20 that there’s quite a steep learning curve to learn to use it).


Ok, so if I’m hearing you correctly, you want to see:

  • create dice :heavy_check_mark:
    • specify a color when you create a die
  • move dice around :heavy_check_mark:
  • delete dice :heavy_check_mark:
  • reroll a die :heavy_check_mark:
  • select some of the on-screen dice and see a total (sort-of-:heavy_check_mark:)
  • turn a die :heavy_check_mark:
  • turn a die to a user-specified face
  • put dice into a “pile”
    • that can all be rolled at once :heavy_check_mark:
    • create multiple “piles” :heavy_check_mark:
  • roll all dice of a user-specified color
  • UI should present some dice, and single-clicking should add that die to the table and roll it
  • share results with others :heavy_check_mark:
  • don’t gate access with account creation :heavy_check_mark:
  • add text :heavy_check_mark:
    • text should be “on another layer”
  • import images
    • images should be “on another layer”

Did I capture that correctly? If you’ve got some spare time, it would be very cool if you could check out https://1kfa.com/table and see if I’ve correctly identified the features that are present and the ones that are missing, and also if the “present” features are not quite what you wanted.


Hey, that’s fantastic! Nice stuff. Very promising already!

Some comments:

Creating dice: it would be really nice to be able to do so quickly and easily, too, like the Google dice-roller (where you can just tap a picture of a d6 three times and you get 3d6). I wonder if it would be worthwhile to add “quick” buttons for the basic die types (like in the Google roller) to the bottom of the screen? However, your menu is also excellent (you can just “tap” on the dice there, which is awesome), and the custom dice feature is fantastic! That could be immensely handy.

I would love if there was some way to specify how and where the dice appear, though. Perhaps something like Roll20’s dialogue (you can drag them “onto the field”), but with the option to drag them all at once instead of one-by-one, or by establishing “areas” on the screen. (It would be nice if, for instance, two players could both roll a bunch of dice at the same time, without confusion about which are which - mine appear in my corner, yours appear in yours, or, better yet, it’s customizable. (Roll20’s method of dragging them “onto the field” would be perfect for this, if it could allow you to drag a whole collection of dice at once.)

Roll20 also logs all the rolls in the chat. A separate “die roll log” or just having that appear in the chat could be very handy, to review past rolls (“hey, what was you defense roll last round?”). Not critical, and I wouldn’t want to take up space, but perhaps if it was tracked somewhere “off-screen” it could be a nice addition.

It would be really great if collections of dice could be selected, like on Roll20, by click-and-drag. (So I could select all the dice on the left side of the screen and then delete or reroll them, for example.) Maybe your widget can already do this, though, and I just couldn’t figure out how!

Turning a die to a user-specified face is fairly unimportant with your “turn up” feature. I like that!

I hadn’t thought of this, but it’s a great idea!

I don’t know how much of this is a browser issue, but, at least on my computer, a much larger ‘field’ would be quite welcome (I play some games where we might have 20-30 dice on the table at a time!). I’d want the available “field” to take up a lot more of my computer screen, rather than having to “zoom out”.

(A more advanced concern might be whether this works on smartphones and tablets… but that would be a low priority for me, as well.)

I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with cards and random tables; presumably I just didn’t look too carefully (most likely!) or you haven’t finalized that yet. Cards are tricky to do in a web widget like this (Roll20 does a decent job, but it requires private “hands” for each player), so I wouldn’t expect too much here. (Perhaps something as simple as having the cards appear face down, with a right-click showing you its - hidden - value, could work.)

Otherwise, this is incredible work! I love it.

(I didn’t try it with another person, though.)

I really hope you continue this project! Very promising.

EDIT: I looked at changing the background, and it works very smoothly and easily. That reduces the need to import images to a much lower priority… you can always just make an image yourself, and then use it as a background. Nice! (Ideally it could be uploaded directly to the widget, of course, but that’s not a huge problem unless you’re not on a computer.)

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First, the app is very good.
The table is small on my smartphone, so maybe scaling/zooming from the menu. Not a real problem anyway as I will be using the app on the computer. But a feature that can be useful even on a computer for the antiquated and purely virtual player of Champions, that would be throwing wheelbarrowfuls of dice.
I too want to be able to select multiple dice. Maybe in “select zone” mode, maybe right click+shift.
Have you crash-tested “cross throwing” and such interactions? They happen and I’m curious how they’d go.

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Ok, I’ve added a “recently used die type” button today. It’s not all you specified here, but it was a quick feature to add in an afternoon. I’ll keep on mulling over the remainder.

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To roll an arbitrary number of Fudge dice, and to have them sorted when showing the results.

Loads of rollers allow rolling exactly four dice, as used in Fate. But we play Solar System.


The Fudge dice are there, but not the sorting. What kind of UX would you like to see for the sorting, if eg, the dice are dispersed around the table?

This is certainly an indie sort of issue but how about:

Allowing a specific cards to be placed on the table rather than as a random draw. For example, if I want to pull spades or a 3 from a deck to demonstrate how a spade or a 3 plays in a tarot type of game using a standard deck, it is currently an enormous pain in the butt with every tabletop simulator out there.

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Would this be better served by having special UI for a 52-card deck, or just implementing a Tarot Deck?

I think 52 card deck is a little more popular than Tarot decks in rpgs. Mostly due to the accessibility (nearly everyone has a deck of cards and understands the suits and ranks) but also due to Old West settings.

Savage World is popular enough to barely considered indy and they use a standard poker deck.
Faith 2.0, The Quiet Place, and many Old West games (Aces and Eights, Dust Devils) tend to use standard decks.

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Oh definitely a 52-card deck is necessary (Did you check out the one that’s already implemented in the app?). I’m not asking an “Exclusive Or” question about kinds of cards, but a user interface question: is the feature of “pull spades from a deck” or “pull a 3 from a deck” something that would solve your need better than just implementing a separate (additional) deck, eg, a Tarot Deck?

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Specifically for teaching a game and playing odd-ball games, yes. That said, when I tried your app, the dice worked great but I couldn’t get the deck to flip over a card / cards.

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If the dice just appeared in order left to right, and minus blank plus. That would be great.


“rollforyourparty” allows you to toggle “sort dice” on and off, which determines whether the dice appearing on the screen appear in order or not. I found this feature occasionally useful, but not critical (for example, it made playing Sorcerer a lot easier!).

However, it can mess with easy placement of dice on the screen (that’s the problem - how does it know which dice to sort, and where to put them? almost any implementation is going to be awkward for some use of the dice). That can be a dealbreaker.

Perhaps it’s worth looking into this after the ability to create dice in different parts of the “board” exists, since it will have to interface with that somehow. (I could see putting an “area” on the screen where all dice/cards/results are sorted, or something like that. However, again, I think this should be a very low priority, compared to other basic functionality. There are not a lot of games that ask you to sort dice which can’t be done quickly and easily by a human dragging them around, so it should rarely be necessary.)


Yeah I think you are correctly identifying a tricky situation. One requirement might be “the dice should appear sorted” and another might be “I should be able to move the dice around”. Since those somewhat conflict, a creative solution is needed.

I like your idea of an “area” that gets sorted. It might work well with my “dynamic paper” concept that I implemented today