What's happening with the 'barf forth apocalyptica' forums?

It seems that the ‘barf forth apocalyptica’ forums, over at…


…have been down for quite some time now. There’s a lot of really valuable information on those forums, including advice, actual plays, optional rules, and links to various hacks.

Does anyone know what’s happening with those forums, and whether they are down for good? Has anyone heard anything?

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@lumpley would probably know if anyone does!


Agreed, I keep going back to these forums and it’s really frustrating. I hope @lumpley can do something about it!

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I hope so too!

They aren’t down as a matter of policy or anything, just technical difficulties. They’re waiting for me to have the spare day or two it’ll require for me to investigate and fix them.

Thanks for asking!


Great to hear, Vincent! Wonderful.

I have a whole backlog of old lumpley games to play and test, so this is sometimes on my mind. Recently I finally ran Freebooting Venus, for example, and we had a great time.

For now, I’ve started copying/mirroring some of my AW material over here, as in this thread:

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