When you grow up, your heart dies - Teen angst one-shots in October

I thought I would steal an idea from Donogh and run a set of one-shots with similar themes through October. These are games of teen angst, ranging in tone from light and comedic to dark and serious - please check specific content and tone notes for individual games. You don’t have to sign up for all of them, they’re standalone games; and for the first 24 hours, please don’t sign up for more than one. (Midnight Oil also has an extra priority sign-up period, see description.)

I have called these ‘teen angst’ games but some are more about post-adolescent young adult angst, apologies for any false advertising. I hope to add a couple more when I know my October schedule better, as well as one or two for GCOG.

Follow the links for more detail or to sign up for specific games. Times in this post are in Australian Eastern, check session links for local times.

Extracurriculars, 10am 2nd October
“Extracurriculars is a tabletop rpg about being in class and wishing you were on the field. It’s a game inspired by Haikyu, my experiences in High School Show Choir, Power Rangers and just sports in general.”

Midnight Oil, 10am 9th October
“The children of oil barons and fading nobility smile and shake hands on the football field, while conspiring to poison each other behind closed doors. Debauched parties give way to mystery cults, and at the edge of the quad a massive shape watches from afar, hungering for blood…”

This Party Sucks, 10am 23rd October
“This Party Sucks is a game about being a twentysomething who is (badly) processing a recent breakup. You will play out a piece of their story as they attend a series of three parties while trying (and failing) not to think about their ex.”


Wow these are very cool

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