Where is the "New user tutorial"?


I was looking at the badge list and saw “Certified -Completed the new user tutorial” but I can’t find a link or mention of it. Where is?



Go to your inbox. You’ll have a message from Discobot. Read it and interact with it.


Success! Thanks :+1:


Thanks for asking about this, BH. I earned that badge, and it taught me a few things, too!



Thanks! I completely skimmed past the fact that the message included a tutorial.


So … I’ve searched my email inbox and while I seem to be getting email prompts from ‘The Gauntlet Forums’ I can’t find anything from ‘Discobot’. Among the emails from the Forums I can’t find one with reference to the Tutorial. Is there something else I could search for that would find the link to the tutorials, or could it be linked from the FAQs, for instance?


@Alun_R it’s in your inbox here on the forum, the little letter icon :+1:


Ah-Hah! Didn’t know I had one - thanks @Big_Hammers.