Who else is designing a Descended From The Queen game?


Like many others around here, I’ve been excited about the release of For The Queen for a while now. I’ve also been working on a hack of it. Today, the designer (Alex Roberts) and publisher launched an SRD for the game and encouraged people working on hacks (which they’re calling games Descended From The Queen) to make themselves known.

Twitter’s great for that kind of announcement, but I wanted to find a space to talk more in depth. Who else is working on DFTQ games? I’m curious what people have learned about hacking FTQ: what is the core system best at? What experiments have you tried and failed? What parts of the original game are load-bearing? What’s your game, and why are you excited about it?

I’m working on a hack about an adventuring party with a cursed member, and the questions are all geared towards treating this situation as a metaphor for chronic disease. The game still centers around a central figure like the Queen (in this case a Cursed person), but in my current draft, one of the players is designated as that figure. I like the way FTQ’s Queen being an NPC naturally gives a distance to her, but I also like what bringing a centralized figure down to the player level does in my game.

I’ve also played around with having two decks of question cards (one for the Cursed, one for people who aren’t), or question cards that have two questions depending on which role you have, though I haven’t loved either of those mechanics.

What are you making, what have you tried out that’s different from For The Queen, and how is it going for you? I’m pumped to play lots of DFTQ games in the future.


I’m super excited about DftQ becoming a genre of games. I’m messing around with an idea for a game about adopting a cat from an animal shelter, but I’m only in the very earliest stages. I also have an idea for a DftQ/PbtA hybrid game where each card has a move on it.


Combining DFTQ and PBTA is interesting. Do you have any more to the idea than the concept there? Even without the DFTQ framework, a PBTA game that randomly determines the sequence of moves used is interesting. I’m curious what it’d be good at doing.


The idea for a Sailor Moon-inspired (teenage girls who transform into magical warriors to fight a monters of the week) DftQ game wormed its way into my brain today.

Initial idea is to use prompts to establish the characters in a first phase, and then jump into a “magical crisis” (the monster of the week’s plans come into action) with a dedicated deck of prompts. Once this deck is over, they finish off the monster and players tie up loose ends for the “episode”.

I’d make a deck of villains, and each villain card would feature their plan (“sell magical jewelry that saps people’s life energy”, “turn all the pets in the town evil”) and foreshadowing scenes that would get played after a round of draws.

I’m also thinking of diving the “mundane phase” deck into four categories: romance, friendship, school and family, so all main aspects of a character’s life are explored in this phase.