Who else is Forging in the Dark?


I might recommend @wiegraf’s YouTube series as a solid explanation of how the system works:


I’m working on two fitd games:

  • All Systems Nominal, a military SF mecha game.
  • Dragons & Travellers’ Tales, a duet JRPG world building game inspired by Ryuutama, Octopath Traveller, The Burning Wheel, and the SaGa series.

ASN had a kind of rough beta version that got discussed on The Gauntlet Podcast last year. It was really hard to abandon the project last year due to work induced burn out, and coming back to it has taken a long time. I am looking to start a rewrite of ASN in the next couple weeks that will be more opinionated and focused because I’ve realized the mecha genre is so fractured you really can’t please a general audience. Instead I’m going to make something with more of a clear premise. Seeing all the sad mech jam games do so much cooler stuff with the genre was inspiring and impressive.

D&TT is almost ready for an alpha release, and I’m pretty excited about how it’s shaping up! I don’t think it’ll have any commercial prospects because it’s a duet game, but I think it’s a strong design.


Yeah loads of Blades hacks no longer linked on the website thanks to that. A shame as ultimately they’re still available on google drive… Like so :slight_smile:


Yeah, the SRD is good for grabbing particular bits of text from but I wouldn’t use the actual GitHub and develop out like you could do, feasibly, with the Dungeon World GitHub. I’d absorb and internalise the rules then build yours up from scratch, grabbing little bits verbatim where necessary. I don’t think Quietus has any actual text from the SRD, but it’s definitely a Forged in the Dark game.


Just an accountability update: Coneycatchers has gone through a developmental editing pass and a copy editing pass and is back in the editor’s hands. There’s a plan in place for getting it formatted, laid out and shared.

Some crews are scuts and roarers after the big score, or the hard people doing hard things, and may ‘Od bless them. Us? We’re the punks and punkateeros, the crossbiters and clapperdudgeons, the ones after the small score, the soft people doing soft things. We catch coneys and, when we cut true, the coneys thank us for the custom.