Wondering if we should somehow standardize hangouts topics


Should we come up with a specific format for the topic title? Just so that things consistly look similar? I guess we could always wait and do it in a month or two after we see if anything happens to become the standard…


By Hangouts topics, you mean the titles of posts where Hangouts games are announced?


Yes. Discourse uses specific terminology for things:

Post: basically anything that is viewable by most people (ie any activity in a category)
Topic: A thread - which starts as an initial Post (with a title)
Reply: A Post in reply to another Reply or an initial Topic Post


If you ask people to standardize, that means you are going to have to train people…remind them, etc. I’m not saying don’t do this, but just saying there may be an unexpected effort involved.


Totally agree. That said: we don’t have an outrageous number of hangouts posts per day - in the worst case mods can just update the topic title and send the use a note.


It’s a good idea. Something like Title, System, Time (timezone)?


Is it possible to have the “new post” option pop open as a template for a specific forum?


I think that if you can get the first dozen people (or however many fit on a screen) on board, new people posting will likely want to fit in. I think @Jesseabe’s format makes sense (Title, System, Timezone), plus some indication of how many sessions total there will be. So, like, I might announce:

Sand Dogs - Soft Horizon - 1/1 - Tuesday 8pm EST


Yes, but only for the content of the post, not for the title AFAIK.


I’d be with the template being in the body section since that’s a place where people would see it and adopt it. Users like a guideline especially if they’re new.


(caveat: I know diddle about web programming)
Is there any way to leverage an API of some sort to import information over from Firebase? That would go a long way to standardizing posts.


The weekday is the most important part of the date-time for me. Knowing if the game is on Tuesday or Saturday has more impact than the exact time or date. Currently, on Slack, weekday is not usually included on Hangouts announcements. Please, let’s include weekday in a standard announcement format.


I’d definitely be open to suggestions on how to better get people to standardize outside of giving a full example in the default template. (Which AFAIK currently exists.)

People seem to not be reading the pinned post about inserting Date/time into posts.


We are reading it. We’re not understanding it, I think. I tried and was stymied by the process.


I posted a new version a few days ago that is all photos. Let me know if that one still is not clear?


I was thinking more about types of games and what the posts are about. Under “system” Someone could start a Maccioato Monsters thread. All posts go there. Then maybe other subjects…More easy to get to what you might be looking for. Enjoying prowling around for now and am glad the Forums are here!


Something else people might want to do to their GH posts is set a “bump” timer for a week later when the all access date opens up…


Why not the title? I would love to look at the title and see if there’s even a chance I might be able to make it (Workday + 2am won’t work for me, for example).

Or do you think that would be too long?


Not sure what you are referring to when you say “why not the title?”


Look, it made a quote … sorry I didn’t figure out how to do this earlier.

I announced my game like this: " Raillery, Reason, and a Rapier’s Wit (Thursdays in May, 8 pm CET)"

What I’m meaning to say is: Why not include Date / Time in the announciation of the game itself?