Wow, Gauntlet Podcast. Great stuff

The Gauntlet Podcast has been really good for a while now. I’ve been meaning to write a forum post about it but keep forgetting.

The discussion is interesting, the diversity of points of view, experience and games means I’m learning something every time I tune in.

Great stuff, Gauntlet Podcast Team. Thank you for keeping me company while I do the dishes.


Thanks! I’m glad you’re digging these. We’ve made an effort this year (pushed by @RichRogers) to get a wider variety of games covered. Plus the community guest format has been super fun for me.


I want to add that I really enjoyed the Aug. 10 episode, “Against the Dark Conspiracy, For the Queen, Wanderhome” mostly for the segment from Thomas Manuel about the joys of playtesting.

It was really only a few months ago this year that I’ve learned to accept and enjoy playtesting of my games as an alternate way of running and playing RPGs. Previously, playtesting my games was not enjoyed so much as endured as part of the design process. It’s been a growth mindset change and since the shift I’ve enjoyed and appreciated gaming differently. Thank you for sharing this and I hope that more designers and playtesters can also enjoy playtest gaming.

PS I’m interested in learning more about the focus playtest group on Discord. Thanks!

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