You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave

For the first 24 hours of the posting of this game, please sign up if you have been directly affected by current events and are unable to go to work, school, etc and have to stay home.

This session is scheduled for 4 hours (with 3-4 breaks). We will learn the game as we play, it’s a very simple one!

The session will be recorded if everyone is cool with it! If not, no worries. We will be using Zoom. I will email everyone a few days ahead of the game to confirm attendance.

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave is a game for 3+ people, and a surreal horror-flavored hack of Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands by Meguey & Vincent Baker. It is also a loving homage to The Shining, NanQuest, and the songs of the 70s and 80s that the creator grew up listening to.

Play as a Guest, Staff member, or living Anomaly at the Hotel California, the first and only hotel to exist outside of time and space! Create messy entanglements — ally with monsters, or backstab your friends! Inject the surreal and horrific into everyday life! Solve mysteries! Have strange dreams! Chase someone with a knife! Burn it all to the ground!

Safety tools : We will be using script change, lines and veils, and an open door policy. We can change these tools to whatever suits the table best. This game follows The Gauntlet’s Inclusivity Policy.

If you sign up and your availability changes, please remember to drop from the site and give me a heads up.

One shot: 2020-03-21T10:00:00Z