Your Ticket to Gauntlet Con!

You’ve read all the hype about Gauntlet Con 2019, and now you want to know how to get into the con?

The con is free to anyone who backs the Gauntlet Patreon at the $2 or higher level. To get signed up for the con before registration starts on Sept. 28, sign up for Gauntlet Patreon by Sept. 23! Anyone who signs up for the Patreon by Sept. 23 will be invited to register for the convention at no additional cost, just in time for the Sept. 28 registration opening.

In early October, after registration has started, we’ll open up a PayPal link that allows attendees to pay for the con with a 1-time contribution of $10.

Volunteers, panelists, GMs, and guests also get free admission to the con, so if you’re short on cast, you can get in touch with me or @yoshi about our call for diverse GMs or checking with me or @flatvurm about helping with Gauntlet Con helpdesk or admin support.


Gauntlet Con registration starts 2019-09-28T21:00:00Z. Here’s how to make sure you are signed up and ready!

  1. Make sure you’re a Gauntlet Patreon supporter. If you’re not yet, you need to sign up by September 23.
  2. Make sure you sign in to Gauntlet Con 2019 registration site with your Google ID.
  3. Between Sept. 24-28, I’ll go through the list and confirm all of our patrons as attendees on the site.

If you have questions, feel free to post them here!

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This is just a periodic reminder that there’s two steps to getting in for early registration for Gauntlet Con 2019:

We can’t approve you as an attendee until AFTER you’ve logged in to the registration site at least once.