ZineQuest Hype Thread

Next month, Kickstarter is having a second iteration of ZineQuest.

I am excited to see more innovative and scrappy RPG zines emerge from this project.

I’ll be Kickstarting an expanded zine version of my game The Great Soul Train Robbery. Who else is participating, and what will you be creating for ZineQuest?

EDIT: My project has been approved, follow it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clovenpinegames/the-great-soul-train-robberyzinequest


I’ll be kickstarting an incursion or two! I am so excited but also terrified of the chunk of work I signed myself up for!


ZineQuest, bring out your zines!

Because I’m a madman I’ve got two:
Fruit of Law launching on Feb 4th and The Last Place on Earth launching on Feb 11th!
I’m excited to share these cool experimental games and pay artists for awesome art.


I thought I might risk Eotenweard or Achtung! Cthulhu Dark’, but I have cold feet and too little time this month and next.


Oooh! If you do go for it, I’ll be super excited to back!

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Thanks @Alexi_Sarge … but maybe next time.

I just spotted this on the twitters by @Blooperly and it has me excited already. That art tho.


These all look great! I’ll be running a campaign for The Artefact, my solo game that explores the life of a single magical item over epic timescales.

The campaign is gonna run from the 2nd February to the 15th. I’d be really appreciative if you could take a look at the project preview and throw any feedback my way - happy to reciprocate!



Ah thanks for sharing this Darold! I’m super excited to get Our Queen Crumbles out there! I was lucky enough to be introduced to Al, the artist on the project, at Big Bad Con last year. They are amazing, and I’ll be teasing more art stuff as they send them to me.


Hi there! (Long time lurker, first time poster.)

I’m working on a zine that’s full of sf adventure seeds and encounters, suitable for a variety of science fiction rpgs. The project will launch on February 4th.


I don’t have the KS page quite ready for sharing yet but I’ll be putting up Campfire Memories, my heartwarming slice-of-life game about a family camping trip. The beta is available here for your consideration.

It’s also my very first game kickstarter! I’m so excited!


Derby Drama is my game about playing roller derby! I’m doing a playtest here on Friday – currently there’s no one on the waitlist if anyone wants a sneak peek.

Here’s the cover I’m currently working on (black ink on bright blue paper!)


I am less participating and more waiting to see what cool stuff will drop and how to collect all those projects in my Crowdfunding Collection ^^


Really like the style of this cover!


I’ll be doing Richter: The Rotting City, a 64 page a5 zine. Half a system-agnostic setting located in the world of Kalduhr (setting to Trophy by Jesse Ross, with his permission), and half content for Trophy and Best Left Buried.
The KS link is https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/byemberandash/richter-the-rotting-city, but feel free to check out the draft page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/byemberandash/richter-the-rotting-city?ref=4j65gj&token=82e54b2c . Get a preview and feel free to leave any comments you like!


Campfire Memories’ Zine Quest Kickstarter page is also ready to go now!

This will be a ~40 pg zine of a smaller size (4.25x5.5) about families going on difficult camping trips and then looking back ont he experience fondly.

The campaign’s link is https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1469878195/campfire-memories but you can preview the page here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1469878195/campfire-memories?ref=aq6e2i&token=417d745b


Very cool to see all these!

I started something on Twitter to help build more ZineQuest hype. Please feel free to play along and share your games’ soundtracks or playlists as well!


Candlelight preview page is live!
Please follow the project page here - coming February 4th, 2020!


My ZineQuest project, The Great Soul Train Robbery, has been approved by Kickstarter.

Ready your six-shooters and trusty fiddles, and then sign up here so you don’t miss your chance to storm the train to hell!


In an attempt to promote my Zine Quest game, Campfire Memories (https://bit.ly/30ZWlHq), I’m going to post a true camping disaster story to Twitter every day for the next week.

I could really use your help! Join me by sharing the stories of camping failure that you love to laugh at too! Use the hashtag #CampfireMemories.