Zombie Bite (PBTA)

When a zombie sinks its teeth into you roll+Hard (or Weird or Cool depending on your personal thoughts on zombies or the specific fiction around them). On a +10 it hurts, but it’s no worse than a knife wound. Talk to your Angel about disinfectant. On a 7-9 ask the MC where you were bit. Talk to your Angel about saw blades. On a 6- life becomes untenable and unlife might begin.
(I found this on reddit^^)

Please, gentle people of the Gauntlet, do you have other exemples which handle Zombie bite (or other infections) for MotW or DW?^^ Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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Zombie World and Bite Me have to have a move like this.

In Zombie World, there’s a specific deck you draw from called the Bite Deck, which is used whenever you need to take nasty consequences. It’s got ~15 cards, most of which are stuff like “take some Stress” or “pick up a Trauma” or even just nothing. It does have one actual Bite in it, though, which, when drawn, means that you will die. It might take an hour and it might take a day, but you will die.

The fun part is that, unlike most of the decks in the game, which get shuffled and re-shuffled a lot, the Bite deck discards the cards drawn from it until the Bite is drawn. It means that, once you’ve drawn ten or so cards and still haven’t seen the Bite, the tension that builds is crazy. Everyone starts being super paranoid about taking risks, because they know their chances of drawing the Bite are way, way higher.

Good stuff.


Bite me has one? Which one? :slight_smile:

My mistake…not one in Bite me.